Your Toddler's Learning Ability Revealed

Toddler’s are growing and learning all the time, but how much do you really know about your toddler’s learning ability? Below you’ll find a series of statements relating to the skills and abilities that toddlers have. As you read through the statements, ponder whether you think it’s true or false, then check below to discover the truth.

Toddlers Are too Young to Try Using Pens or Felt Tip Pens

Answer: False.

One of the skills toddlers are beginning to learn is how to hold a pen and control it and giving them plenty of opportunities to try out using pens can be beneficial to their learning process. You will definitely need to supervise this – you don’t want pen marks appearing on your furniture or walls – toddlers will enjoy the chance to have a go and try out using pens or felt tip pens.

Repetition is Vital for Helping Toddlers Learn

Answer: True.

One of the major ways in which toddlers learn is through doing things time and time again. Although it can be repetitive for you, repetition is vital for toddlers, who need to keep hearing, seeing or doing things in order for the necessary learning connection to be made in their brain.

It’s Unusual for Toddlers to Develop Obsessions About Things

Answer: False.

It may seem unusual to have a toddler who develops a mad obsession about something, be it a food, activity, cartoon character or piece of clothing, but this is actually perfectly normal. In fact, rather than worrying about it, it’s a good way of encouraging and helping your toddler to learn.

If he wants to keep playing the same game with dinosaurs over and over again, or your daughter wants to wear a fairy costume everywhere you go, then try and indulge in their fantasies. The chances are the obsession will fade over time, but whilst they’re in the obsessional stage, do humour it.

Toddlers Are Busy Learning New Words All the Time

Answer: True.

Although it can sometimes seem like a while until your toddler fully grasps words and is able to say them properly, they are busy learning words. By the time they reach 18 months of age, your toddler should be able to understand and use between 20 and 50 different words. By the time they’re about 24 months old, most toddlers should be able to understand 150 words and will be busy adding up to 10 new words to their vocabulary every couple of days. They’ll also begin to be experimenting with putting two words together to form mini sentences.

It’s Not Safe to Let Toddlers do the Same Activities as Older Siblings

Answer: Depending on the activity, this is false.

Whilst the age of the older sibling and the exact nature of the activity have to be taken into consideration, and it’s not safe for young toddlers to do everything that older brothers or sisters do, there are some instances where it can be good for them to have a go at new things.

One of the important ways in which toddlers learn is through copying and imitating other people – and that includes the actions, games and activities of older siblings. They may not be able to do the activity properly, but they will enjoy the chance to have a go in their own way, with mum or dad on hand to help them and ensure they’re safe at all times.