Setting Up a Baby and Toddler Activity Group

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If there’s a lack of baby and toddler groups in your area, or you’ve not found one that appeals to you, then you could try and set up your own activity group. Activity groups are loved by all – both mums and dads and babies and toddlers. Babies and toddlers [...]

After School and Breakfast Clubs

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Many primary schools run after school and breakfast clubs and, as well as being handy for parents who need to drop children off early on their way to and from work, they also have other educational and learning benefits too. Breakfast Clubs Schools have run various after school clubs for [...]

Children With Special Needs

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If your child needs extra help or has special educational needs, then help is at hand from schools. Special educational needs (otherwise known as SEN) is the term used to refer to children who have disabilities or learning difficulties that mean it’s more difficult for them to learn in the [...]

The Steiner Education Approach

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Not sure what the Steiner approach to education involves or how children in Steiner schools learn? We’ve got the lowdown on this approach to education and learning. The Steiner approach to education was formed by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, artist and playwright (1861 – 1925). Steiner developed a spiritual [...]

Finding the Right Primary School

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A child’s time at primary school is an important stage of their learning and education, so finding the right school for your child should be a priority. The UK law states that all children must be in full-time education by the start of the term following their fifth birthday. It’s [...]

Talking to Your Child About School

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Children seem to be divided into two camps – those that rush out of school eagerly wanting to tell you everything they’ve done all day, and those that don’t mention it at all. Talking to your child about school is a positive thing to do, even though they may seem [...]

Preparing Children for School

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If your children are approaching the age of five and will soon be starting school, then here are some useful tips on preparing them for the educational transition. It’s a big step for children to start school for the first time and it’s no wonder that many youngsters are nervous [...]

The Importance of Homework

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It’s the bane of many children’s lives, but homework does serve an important educational purpose and it’s helpful for parents to encourage a healthy attitude to homework from an early age. Going to school all day is enough for some children, so coming home and having to do more work [...]

A Guide to Synthetic Phonics

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All words are made up of single letter sounds and synthetic phonics makes use of this in an effective teaching method. Here we explore what this method is and how it helps learning. All the letters of the alphabet have their own sound and synthetic phonics is a teaching method [...]

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