Encouraging Siblings to Play Together

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Playing is an important part of life for young children and should be part of every day, as they learn important lessons through play. If you’ve got more than one child, then they could benefit from playing together. Here are some practical tips and ideas for encouraging siblings to play [...]

Why Playing With Other Children is Important

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Play is, or should be, at the heart of children’s lives and is a vital part of their learning and early childhood education. There are lots of different approaches to play, but playing with other children is both beneficial and important for their learning experience – here’s why. During the [...]

Learning to Play With Your Child

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When you become a parent, there’s an expectation that you’ll know how to do everything, but for some parents it doesn’t all come naturally. One area where some people often struggle is with learning to play with their child. If you’re a born player and child at heart, then it [...]

Play and Children’s Feelings

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Playing can help children understand a variety of concepts and ideas. One way in which play can be beneficial is with helping children gain a better understanding of their own, and other people’s, feelings and emotions. Playing With Other Children As they evolve from being a toddler to a pre-schooler, [...]

Play Ideas for Pre-school Children

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If you’ve got some spare time to fill, or want some new ideas for amusing pre-school age children, then here are some tried and tested play ideas for pre-school children, aged three to five years old. Gardening And Hide And Seek Pre-school age children are naturally curious and like to [...]

Learning Through Play With Water

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Children learn in a number of different ways and one fun way in which they can learn about different concepts and gain new skills is through water play. Children have a natural, inbuilt ability to learn and they commonly learn about different issues through watching, listening, asking questions, trying new [...]

Baby and Toddler Play Ideas for Parents

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It’s important for babies and toddlers to play, as it helps them learn vital new skills. If you’re stuck for ideas as to how to play with your baby or toddler, here are some tried and tested play ideas that they may enjoy. Play helps babies and toddlers learn new [...]

How Often Should Children Play?

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Play is vitally important for babies and children, as it helps them learn and gain understanding, but how often should they play? For babies and toddlers, it’s through play that they learn about the world and about the abilities and skills they have. They’re able to explore their surroundings and [...]

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