EarlyChildhoodEducation was formed to offer a unique reference point on comprehensive information on early childhood education.

The early years, from birth to five years of age, are an important time in any child’s life. Children go through a huge variety of learning stages during this time, making great steps, and what they learn at a young age offers an important foundation for their learning in later life.

EarlyChildhoodEducation is dedicated to exploring how babies, pre-schoolers and young children learn. We reveal the developmental and learning processes that children go through and look at how you, as parents, can help them to develop their mental, physical and emotional skills in a fun and enjoyable manner.

The site explores the benefits that a variety of different learning methods can provide, helping you decide what might be a good option to try with your child, and offers practical play ideas for you to try out with your family. There are also sections looking at educational toys and the types of toys that are suitable for developing key skills at different ages.

A major milestone in the early years is the time when children move from being pre-schoolers to school age, so we also provide a section looking at this transition and school age education. As well as the conventional route, alternative options are also considered, plus you’ll find some hints and tips on finding the right primary school for your child.