Help Your Five Year Old Learn With Toys

Play is an important part of life for all children and, as well as being enjoyable and fun, it also boosts their learning too. As parents, you can help their learning and development even more by choosing age appropriate toys. Here are some examples of toys that are suitable for five year old children and the learning benefits they could provide.

Board Games

Five year olds may well enjoy playing board games, either with their peers or family. They’re now better equipped to listen to and take in instructions than younger children, plus they’re more aware of the notion of fairness, so won’t always want to win or cheat to win, and will enjoy games that involve some degree of skill.


Five year olds are typically full of energy and enjoy learning new skills and being physically active. Learning to skip with a skipping rope is a fun skill for a child to learn, plus it provides a good form of physical exercise. At this age, children have much better coordination, so should be well equipped to master skipping.

Making Kits

At this age, children are able to get involved with a range of arts and crafts and will enjoy the challenge of having a go at making things from kits. Boys, for example, may enjoy making simple planes from kits, whilst girls might enjoy cutting out clothes from paper to put on cardboard toy dolls. Learning to make kits provides a child with a sense of achievement, as well as helping their finer motor skills.

Playing Musical Instruments

Five year olds may enjoy being actively involved in making music, so simple instruments like a small keyboard, drum kit or recorder could provide hours of entertainment (albeit potentially a bit noisy at times!). Professional lessons from a music teacher could enhance their musical ability, but sometimes they’ll simple enjoy exploring their own music making experience.

Counting And Maths Games

Any toys or games that involving counting or basic maths skills are ideal for five year olds, who’ll be getting to grips with maths now. Although they will have a basic understanding of numbers and counting, the more numbers they learn and counting skills they pick up, the easier it will be for them to get on with maths at school. Traditional abacus toys, which are usually wooden, can help with this, but there are also various maths-based games and toys available too.

Riding A Bike

By the age of five, when their coordination, balance and physical skills are usually much improved, children are at an age where they can begin to have a go at riding a proper bike. Although they may not be able to do so yet without the stabilisers on, they can certainly ride well and it gives their independence a boost. Riding a bike will help boost their confidence, as well as increase physical skills.

Exploring Bug Boxes And Bird Boxes

Although strictly speaking they’re not toys, children love exploring the world around them and are often very interested in wildlife. Small, specially designed bug boxes can be used for safely catching bugs and other small insects, so children can watch their behaviour. Likewise, bird boxes can be placed in the garden to help children observe birds – placing nuts in feeders nearby will help attract them even more. Learning about wildlife is good for boosting their general knowledge and learning instinct.